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Adoption Appreciation Event 2015

Chain Crab Feast July 19, 2015

CHAIN 2015 Picnic

CHAIN Goes to Congress

October 21-23, 2014

Washington, D. C. 

Jeanette Godfrey-  Representative for CHAIN



Each representative discussed their stories or key experiences as an adoptive or foster care parent after the NACAC leader introduced our reason for speaking to our Congressional Representative. I spoke with the Congressional Aide for Senator Cardin and Mikauski of MD.

Key  Issues  - Thanking Congress for the Passage of this Bill

Passage of House Bill H R. 4980 the Preventing of Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act – July 2014 – This bill continues to improve issues related to child welfare, improve incentive rates for care of adoptive, foster care and guardianship, encouraging placement of siblings when they do not enter care at the same time, allowing foster care parents to make day to day decisions without getting permission from DSS, allowing youths to plan or develop their own transition plan and ensuring that youths obtain birth certificates, driver license, social security cards and medical records.


Talking to Congressional Aides:  Telling my Story-working with Teen Moms in Foster Care

  • Discuss key facts about MD foster care adopted facts
  • Families are the best place for a child teens, siblings, children with disabilities
  • Families need training and support to help meet the needs of children in their care
  • Families need strong  casework support
  • Families need support services such as medical care, respite, sufficient monthly payments  and access to therapeutic services, educational support.


This was a rewarding experience, a learning curve ,and a method to network for CHAIN  Resource Parent Group.


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              "Destiny" Adopted December 12, 2014

Christmas Celebration with John Carrington at Old Country Buffet December 17, 2014