Mike and Peggy are an uncle and neice who both have special needs and they were both adopted by a mother who is a member of CHAIN.

They are now young adults actively involved  in the activities sponsored by the CHAIN organization.

“CHAIN” Encourages Biological Family Reconnection

Great news!  Adopted at age 22 months, and she was reunited with her mother and siblings after 22 years!!


Children who are adopted as babies or at very young ages often desire to search out their biological families when they become older. In most cases they are not successful, for various reasons. With the help of “CHAIN” Resource Parent Group of Maryland, Patricia was able to reconnect with her mother and siblings.

M’s. Holmes had been a foster parent for six years before the Department of Social Services contacted her about a 22-month-old baby girl that was available for adoption. The baby was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Even though M’s. Holmes, a single parent, was already fostering three teenage girls; she accepted the baby girl and changed her first name to Patricia. The last name the baby had became her middle name, and Peggy was given the family’s last name of Holmes. (It is a common practice for children’s names to be changed when they are adopted)

Mrs. Holmes adopted Patricia with very little information about her biological family except that her father was deceased, and her mother was incarcerated. She didn’t even know if Patricia had any siblings. Even though Patricia grew up with severe intellectual limitations, she always wanted to know if she would ever find out anything about her biological family.

In August 2013, CHAIN provided M’s. Holmes an opportunity to attend a conference given by NACAC (North American Council of Adoptable Children) in Toronto, Canada, that had a workshop that emphasized the importance of allowing adopted children the right to find out whom their biological relatives are. This workshop inspired M’s. Holmes to help Patricia find out about her family, and by networking with other adoptive and foster parents in the CHAIN organization, she found out about another adoptive parent connected with CHAIN, who had raised two children that had the same last name as Peggy’s middle name.

When M’s. Holmes contacted that parent, they realized that the two children she adopted were actually Patricia's sister and brother, and the adoptive parent was actually Patricia's maternal aunt. A reunion was then arranged for Patricia to meet her aunt, and her sister on her sister's 29th birthday, and also her older brother.  This was a very joyous occasion because her older sister had been searching the Internet for years trying to locate her sister that had been adopted as a baby.

The second reunion was when Patricia and her siblings went to visit her mother who is currently in a nursing home. This was like a dream come true for Patricia, her siblings, and her mother. Patricia has now reconnected with her mother and siblings, and her mother had the opportunity to see all her children together again.  Patricia is now 22 years old, and she was adopted when she was 22 months.


This is the reason "CHAIN" encourages adoptive parents not to be afraid to allow children to search for their biological family members so they can feel complete.







CHAIN Members,
I want to thank you for all you have done for me over the years. Even before I was able to get involved directly with being as a foster parent you provided great support for me. Your members encouraged me to keep on my path to give children a home. You introduced me to private foster care agencies that might be able to provide me the opportunity to live my dream of being a foster mom. I have also watched you over the past several years as your helped to celebrate people in the community who have adopted children, at the annual adoption fair to celebrate national adoption month. That event alone helped to stay focused on the importance of providing a child a forever home.
This year I was blessed to finally become a foster parent and there you were as a group right by my side helping to guide me along the way. No foster parent training class can really prepare to deal with a child who has been exposed to trauma, neglect or abuse. CHAIN came to the rescue for me as I helped my little one adjust to being removed from her family. You provided a listening ear, advice for methods to smooth the transition, advice on how to get my child all of the services she was entitled to, and companionship to both my child and I. Prior to having a child placed I planned a trip I could not cancel and  I was in  distress about leaving my little one behind. Once again CHAIN members stepped up and provided respite for my sweetheart when I was out of town and because of the interaction she had with members prior to my leaving she was excited about her sleepover. :)  CHAIN helped to reassure me, as a first time mom that what I was doing was just what she needed. Your group's collective years of experience provided expertise that is priceless. I just wish more people knew you existed so they too can get the benefit of your continuous support. You have helped me before child placement, during child placement and in preparation for more children to come. My interaction with your members always warms my heart and reminds me that I am doing what God has told me and even as a single woman I am never alone, CHAIN has my back.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU CHAIN for helping me and allowing me to become part of your support group so that I can also help others. GOD BLESS YOU ALL
Ms Myra Macks