Services Offered 

1. Professional respite service for adoptive families provided by certified resource        parents


2. Crisis and referral services with the goal of permanency for foster and adoptive        families


3. Structured social activities for resource and adoptive families


4. Advise and educate resource parents about legal protection


5. Provide referrals to licensed Social Workers and Family Therapists 


6. Assist foster and adopted children with reconnecting with biological siblings or       parents (if for their best interest) 


7. Offer scholarships to deserving students for attending college tour


8. Provide mentorship and guidance to older teens before they age out of the                system, so they will be "Ready By 21"  


9. Provide services and resources for current and former foster youth


10. Extend respite and resources for Homeless teens (with professional referral)


11. Offer agency requested Emergency Shelter Care