How Chain Helps

This is a true story with the names changed. It is an example of how CHAIN Resource Parent Group intervenes to help when a child or family is in crisis. Melanie received the love, safety, and permanence she needed to become a young adult that still has a loving family connection. 

Melanie Parker didn’t give a second thought to her matted hair or filthy face. Every fiber of her ten-year-old being was focused on the contents of the dumpster in front of her. A foster care runaway, Mel carefully sorted through garbage until she turned up a half eaten turkey sub and a handful of broken chocolate cookies—breakfast. This life in row house alleys, on cold, dark Baltimore streets was better than the home she’d run from, and she had the bruises, scars and worse to prove it.


In 2010, the State of Maryland had 45,129 total referrals for child abuse and neglect. Mel was one of the 6,098 children in Maryland that lived apart from their families in out-of-home care that year. Some of these children like Melanie experience neglect, abuse and even homelessness. Melanie was picked up and placed back in the foster care system for the third time. Her traumatizing experiences and her concomitant negative behaviors are now a part of the person with whom her new foster parents must cope. Without additional support, many times decent, caring families will give up on a child like Melanie.


That’s where CHAIN comes in. CHAIN Resource Parent Group of Maryland is a non-profit support group dedicated to providing resources, support, and education for adoptive, foster, kinship, and pre-adoptive families. CHAIN Resource Parent Group of Maryland believes that every child deserves a permanent family, and is committed to being a support network for parents who have opened their hearts and their homes to provide Adoption, Foster Care, or Kinship Care. Our goal is prevent the rejection of foster or adopted children by providing:


1. A support network (including respite) for adoptive and pre-adoptive families.

2. Promotion and education of the need for and the benefits of adoption to provide permanency for youth, including a quarterly newsletter on adoption and foster care topics of interest.

3. An alternative crisis intervention system with daily phone access for information from certified staff members.


CHAIN offers a strong resource network in Maryland for adoptive and pre-adoptive families through a core of certified volunteers and partnerships we’ve built with other organizations committed to encouraging adopted and foster youth development. But to continue to serve children like Melanie. We need your help!


Your tax-deductible donation of $500, $250, $100 or $25 will help us promote foster care and adoption; as well assist us in our mission to provide services of respite care and crisis intervention for families. Your gift will make an immediate difference in the life of a child. You can also support CHAIN by making your  donation through the Combined Federal Campagin (CFC) code # 68506.

Thank you in advance for your support.



Charles E. Harris

Executive Director



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