CHAIN (Children Helpers of Adoption Independent Networking) Resource Parent Group of Maryland was started in 2011 by a group of concerned parents in Baltimore County who had been working together providing care for children through adoption, foster care or kinship.

CHAIN was incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2011.


Mission Statement:

CHAIN Resource Parent Group of Maryland believes that every child deserves a permanent family, and is committed to being a support network for parents who have opened their hearts and their homes to provide Adoption, Guardianship, Foster Care, or Kinship Care.


 CHAIN Resource Parent Group of Maryland

1. Provides a support network for adoptive, and pre-adoptive families.

2. Publicizes the need for and the benefits of adoption to provide permanency for youth

3. Provides education to the community at large concerning adoption, guardianship, and fostercare topics

4. Provides respite service for foster and adoptive families

5. Offers quality advocacy, tutoring and mentorship service for children and youth of all ages

6. Emphasizes the urgency of providing options for youth that are aging out of the system, and makes sure they are given proper guidance

7. Issues a quarterly newsletter on adoption and foster care topics of interest



To become a strong resource network in the state of Maryland for adoptive and pre-adoptive families, and build partnerships with other organizations committed to encouraging adopted and foster youth permanency.